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SW 2017 Crash when loading our add-in

Question asked by Ignasi Mateos on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by Ignasi Mateos

Hello all,


We're facing a crash after loading our addin and opening some specific files. I'm attaching one.


We've isolated the problem with 2 very simple dlls:


    - One simple DLL done in Embarcadero RAD10 (that statically links with RTL230) and does nothing (it only have a DllEntryPoint)

    - A very simple SW addin that just calls LoadLibrary with the previous dll (FikusCamLite) in the ConnectToSW method (find attached the dll and the code)


In this new scenario, if you try to open the file:


    1. The OnFileOpenPreNotify is called

    2. The OnFileOpenPostNotify is never called, prior an arithmetic exception is launched


As said, it does not crash with all files, just with a few...


I have no idea what might be going on and don't know what to do.


Does anyone knows of any incompatibility between SW and Embarcadero dll's (rtl is the "RuntimeLibrary" of Embarcadero) ?


Any hint or idea would be very appreciated.


I'm now attaching the addin (also the code) and the dll that we use to call LoadLibrary


Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,