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Tracing of path on assembly of moving part?  (need to use motion studies?)

Question asked by Dave Krum on May 17, 2017
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Good morning All,

I need to make a layout sketch for the shop that shows the tracing of a path on an assembly (I ultimately need to burn slots in the upper and lower plates shown that would be coincident with the hole in the tube that is highlighted below and allow pivoting to a specified angle each way off centerline).  From what I read, I need to use "motion study" to do this which I've never used before and apply a rotary motor.  I have the assembly (attached) with a small hole in pivot arm tube.  The path of this hole when arm is pivoted (say for example 30 degrees each way off centerline) should be burned as a curved slot in the two plates.  Not sure if the motion studies though is the simplest way to trace this path.

On a side note, not sure how to get the mates correct with my planes so that the arm would be able to pivot say 30 degrees each way off centerline (right now I have a mate set up for only 30 degrees one way with limit under advanced mate).  Main question though is how to move arm and trace that hole on the arm (hidden beneath plates) to project on upper and lower plates.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions!