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Apply custom material to macro feature output bodies

Question asked by Alexandre Gragnano on May 17, 2017
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I developed a macro feature which create bodies.

I need to apply a custom material to these bodies after the macro feature creation.


var feat = Doc.FeatureManager.InsertMacroFeature3(...);

if (feat == null)
    throw new COMException("Unable to create feature", 1);

var faces = (object[])feat.GetFaces();
foreach (Face2 face in faces)
    var body = (Body2)face.GetBody();
    if (!body.HasMaterialPropertyValues())
        var error = body.SetMaterialProperty(ConfigName, Database, MaterialName);
        System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print(Enum.GetName(typeof(swBodyMaterialApplicationError_e), error));
        // OUTPUT: "swBodyMaterialApplicationError_NoError" x No of faces


Despite of SetMaterialProperty returns NoError, the created bodies does not have any attached material.


Some help will be welcome.