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    What's wrong with this model?

    Todd Carpenter

      Not sure I'm in the right place or not, but....


      I'm working with this model, and all of a sudden my coordinate systems "melted".  It's the only file I have that does this, and initially I thought my graphics card just hiccuped, but it looks this way on other machines too.  I'm not aware of any "auditing" or repair tools for SolidWorks files, any ideas on this one?  It seems to work fine, but I admit I'm a bit leary about using it in a production environment.


      A bit of history - it started it's life as a SolidWorks2012 assembly file, then was updated to 2016 and had no issues until just last night.  It's just a skeleton, so there's really not much to it.  I've attached the file in case anyone want's to take a closer look.


      Any ideas?