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Need a table in the drawing with data driven from the model based on each configuration

Question asked by Edson Gebo on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by Glenn Schroeder

Dear forum readers, I have something interesting to sink your teeth into.  I need a drawing that has a part file with 2 views, dimensions, and the part file in the drawing has many configurations.  I need to create a table that has dimensions driven from the model (not the dimensions on the drawing) parametrically linked back to the table for each configuration.  The need for this is so the linked dimension for the table updates when changes are made to the part file.  I don't want to link the cells to the dimension in the view of drawing, or have many hidden views with linked dimensions from each.  If the view gets deleted, the link in the table no longer works and might need to be re-linked manually.  Also, this gets messy (a bunch of hidden views) to manage and to hand that off to a newbie to update could be disaster1


Just an FYI...I plan to use this at a future user group meeting tip and trick and will give proper credit for the correct answer.


Ready go!!! (feel free to ask questions)


Thanks for your time!