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As a Canadian want to get a mechanical engineer job in US with strong 3D skills

Question asked by Qinghai Jin on May 17, 2017

Hi, to everyone maybe involved,


I have over 9 years of solidworks experience

18 mechanical engineering design experience

8 years of mechanical manufacturing experience

1 years of programming for solidworks secondary development with sql server, office excel for office automation and integration.

2 years of CNC machining with G&M codes programming experience.

6 years of pressure equipment engineering experience.


my typical previous products/system engineering design experience includes,

skidded mobile type combined heat and power system, 150kw, 300kw, 400kw and 600kw

biomass alternative energy system, such as, biochar, gasification, etc.

pumping system

auto-clean system

storage tanks, vessels, exchangers, pumps, valves, solar hybrid, steel structural, HVAC.


if your company is interested in me, please send message to my email: for my resume and references.


Thanks first!