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    default/preset value in property tab builder

    Paul Lemke
      In the property tab builder help it defines the value in property tab builder (PTB) as the following.

      Value: Controls the default value displayed in the SolidWorks interface. You can leave it blank, type a value, or select a predefined value from the drop-down list. If you select a predefined value, you can type text before and after the value to customize the string.

      I have made my SW prop template and entered default values but they don't show up when I use the prop tab in solidworks. What's with this? How do you have the default value show up?
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          David Mandl

          I am having the same issue.  From what I can tell, you will not get consistent results by entering your default/preset value as text in the "Value:" section of your text box.


          One possible solution would be to do the following:


          1. Create your custom properties in the Property Tab Builder, as you normally would.
          2. Leave your text fields blank by not entering data.
          3. Create a new part
          4. Go to File>Properties to look at your custom property window.
          5. Enter your default values here.
          6. Save the new part as a new file template.
          7. Your default values should be automatically written to every file you create from this template.


          This is a little more complicated than being able to control default values through the Property Tab Builder, but it is a lot simpler to control your defaults if you make them part of your file template.