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    flip shell Top and Bottom

    Edyss Scott

      when defining shells in a static study, I will use the Flip shell top and bottom option to correctly align my shells. If I make any change to model, then return to the study tab and remesh the Flip shell top and bottom tick is unticked and it will cause havoc with my shell directions throughout my model.

      Creat mesh with the following parameters

      change a dimension in the model, rebuild and remesh.

      the flip shell top and bottom tick will be deselected and needs to be redefined.

      this can cause havoc in a study of a large assembly with a lot of shell bodies.

      does anybody else experience this also?

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          Siavash Khajehhasani

          Hello Edyss,

          You are right in large assemblies it is hard to preset the top/bottom face of shells and after meshing they may flip. The following option is considered to fix it manually.

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              Edyss Scott

              Hi Siavash,

              If have tried that. If I select all the faces on a body (like all for faces of a square tubing or the single face of a plate) Solidworks actually active the flip shell bottom top tick in the shell definition.


              if I then make a change to the model (change dimension) then the tick get unticked and my shell directions flip.


              If I set up shell as below (using your suggested method) where the top and bottom bodies represent square tubing (surface body with 4 faces) and the middle bodies plates defined as single surfaces. with the correct offsets, this will be the result. for this setup I need flip all the faces of the square tubing bodies and well as one of the plates.

              I will change the distance between the square tubing bodies from 300mm to 500mm causing the plates to grow in length. and then remesh

              you can see the result of the one plate is that shell direction is flipped after therequired remeshing due to the geometry change.


              please model a simple part like this and see if this have same effect.

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                  Andrew Cuttle

                  I have a very similar issue with shell modelling. It becomes necessary to subdivide surfaces to a high level to ensure continuity of the mesh between surfaces but then frequently faces are not aligned with their neighbours.


                  Manually flipping them to match is an option but it's both time consuming to find the faces and Simulation is very slow (2-3 minutes) to actually flip the faces once the option has been clicked.


                  Is there an easier/quicker way of doing it?