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Why can't I dimension this point...

Question asked by Tom Hickerson on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by Tony Tieuli

I want to create a hole in each end of a cylinder.


I have figured out a few ways to do this, but it seems very quirky.


Here is what I have tried.


Create a pane on the surface of the cylinder, then sketch two points on the ends of the shaft.

I can pick the end of the cylinder to locate how far the point is from the end, and I can locate one dimension how far the point is from the edge, but it will not let me select this line a second time to dimension the other point.

I can pick this line when I dimension the first point However this line will not select for the second point?  Can someone explain what is going on.



Created the plane on the surface, and attempt to convert entries to get the projection of the outside of the cylinder for the sketch.

When I attempt to do I find it extremely difficult to not select the face.  I want to select the line that is on the edge of the cylinder, but It almost alwasy picks the face.  How can I force it to ignore the face?  When I do get the line it calls it a silhouette Edge. 


Is there an easier way?