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please define elastic modulus in materials properties

Question asked by Aaron Hayden on May 16, 2017

I've been getting this error lately when I try to run a study for the first time. The study contains sub assemblies and the materials have been defined in the model tab at the component level. I have looked several times though the various materials that have been used and I can't find anywhere that elastic modulus isn't defined. I have read a couple previous threads about this, but didn't find a silver bullet. So far, the only solution I have found is to reapply the materials in the study tab. This is very tedious for studies with numerous components.


I read SPR 582372 that identifies an issue with trailing spaces in the material name that was corrected in 2016 SP4 (I am running 2016 SP5). I didn't find any situations like that with the materials that were applied. However, there are some with characters in the names; hyphens, slashes, commas, and periods. What constitutes an invalid material name?


Also, one thread mentioned that all materials should pull from the same database. Does this suggest that there could be issues when using SW default materials in combination with user defined ones?


Is it any issue due to having sub assemblies? Does the structure need to be flattened?