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Composed name in PDM?

Question asked by Eugen Lupascu on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by Eugen Lupascu

Good day to all


I have this WIP folder data card:


As you can see I have this field "Nume proiect" in PDM and I want from the lists items from right to generate the name "CA10A - GFL"


List are:


Tip de celula:

Celula de afumare -            CA

Celula de fierbere -             CF

Celula de racire intensiva - CR


Numar de carucioare:

celula mica                     - 05

1 carucior                       - 10

2 carucioare                   - 20

3 carucioare                   - 30

4 carucioare                   - 40


Tip de incalzire:

Abur               -   A

Electrica        -   E

Gaz               -   G

Diesel            -   D


Tip de generator:

Generator Rumegus  -                 GR

Generator Chipsuri  -                    GC

Generator Frictiune  -                    GF

Generator Fum lichid  -                GFL

Generator Tehnologie noua -         GI


As you can see I want also that every list Item to generate an initial or initials that will compose the name "CA10A - GFL"

Is there a way to achieve this?


Thank you!

Have a nice day!