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Drawing does not fit in the drawing sheet after update dimensions

Discussion created by mapea ralia on Dec 18, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2008 by Mark Kaiser
I wonder if somebody can tell me if this possible to do this.

I have one drawing file (C:\Test.SLDDRW) with one drawing view ("Drawing View 1") that obviously update when I change the dimensions of my part. Most of the times the new dimensions are very close the previous dimensions (between 2 to 3 inches). So the scale I have setup for the "Drawing View 1"works OK!.

However, there are cases that the new dimensions I have to update on my part are drastically different from the template (very small or very big). Therefore, my "Drawing View 1"shows very small or very big compare with the previous one.

I wonder if there is a way to make the Drawing View 1's scale adjust automatically and be visible and fit it in the drawing sheet because when the part was chanced to smaller dimensions the "Drawing View 1" showed just a little point and when it was chanced to bigger dimensions the "Drawing View 1" is bigger than the sheet. In other words I want to keep my "Drawing View 1" pretty much always the same bar the scale, and fit the sheet with the two dimension its has.

I know that I can chance it manually and adjust it to the scale to make it fit. However, I am using a macro that updates the two dimensions from the part and drawing and then create a "DWG" file.

Thanks in advance.