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Static Analysis Using customized material properties Question: Does it matter if you choose a metal or a glass material if you're going to change the properties?

Question asked by Patrick Mathias on May 15, 2017

I am trying to do an analysis on this part made of a customized material not found in the solidworks database. It is made of ZnSe (a type of ceramic). I am worried that since this is a ceramic, if I choose a random metal as my initial material from which I will change the properties of (to match ZnSe), the analysis will not be as accurate since I chose a metal to change the properties of instead of a material resembling ceramic more closely. I got this idea because I noticed when you change your materials, the mandatory and optional material property fields change too leads me to think solidworks changes its analysis depending on the material chosen from its material database or whatever database you use. I tried researching the issue but have yet to find anything clearing it up. I