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    Can't drop ball valve in routing tutorial

    William Turk

      I'm going through the Pipe Routing tutorial, and I've cone to te point where I'm supposed to drop in the ball valve.  When I try to drag the valve onto the assembly, it doesn't pop into place so I can hit tab to get it in the proper orientation.  I had no trouble with the tee valve earlier.  I'm running 2017, SP 2.0.  Has anyone else experienced this?


      Ball Valve Problem.png

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          Tom Gagnon


          Your ACPoints are suppressed in the subassembly file. Unsuppress them and try again.

          I would also create a YAxis and name it "Vertical".


          IF YOU HAD ADDED that subassembly TO THE ROUTING LIBRARY, then you will need to re-add it via the Routing Library Manager after unsuppressing the ACPoints and adding a Vertical axis, this time selecting the appropriate entities that it must prompt you for, as well as the entities that are optional and helpful. If you hadn't added anything into a Routing Library, then ignore this step and proceed with the tutorial. I am unfamiliar with your source material and Library environment for this particular tutorial.