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Cannot save surface to STL file from assembly, but can save from Part

Question asked by Dmitry Ponomarev on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

Hello, I am having the following issue with Import/Export as STL file.


I'm trying to export a part that was imported with a larger assembly as a 'surface'. The rest of the parts were imported with 'imported' designation.


I'm exporting all the parts one by one from the assembly as STL without translating STL output data into positive space (resetting origin coordinate)


This allows me to import the STLs into a graphical application while maintaining the coordinates of each individual part in the assembly.


All parts that did not have a 'surface' feature got exported as STL correctly. But the one part that has a surface and some other features, only exported other features, not the surface.


I did some research and I found that Solidworks only exports solids as STL and doesn't like to export surfaces.


However, if I open the part and export it as STL, the surface exports without any issues. But this unfortunately removes the origin coordinate, making the part impossible to accurately replace in the STL assembly



How can I export the part that has a surface as an STL file from the assembly so that I can retain the assembly coordinate system for the part.


I am using solidworks 2016 x64 edition SP5.0