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The 5th Weekly Power-User Challenge (May 19th, 2017): Straighten an Imported Wire

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on May 15, 2017
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Are you tired with all this "unbending"? I promise: this will be the last unbending challenge for a while.


That is because I really hope SW 2018 will provide native wire and tube unbending functionality. This is just my hope; I have no idea what we will see in June, when the 2018 Beta Program starts. I just know that many customers are in great need of this functionality.


For eternal glory and 1000 points, provide the best solution to this problem:


1. Import the attached Parasolid file.

2. Calculate the length of wire (maximum approximation 0.5mm)

3. For extra consideration, create a body representing the straight wire (as shown in the video)

4. For extra-extra consideration, link the length of the new body parametrically with the length of the bent wire  (as shown in the video)

5. For extra-extra-extra consideration, provide visual feedback for the numerical value of the length  (as shown in the video)

6. For God-like status among your peers and 2000 points, perform a real unbending (flattening, straightening, whatever you want to call it) of the wire.


For a visual description of this challenge, please watch this video:

5th SOLIDWORKS Weekly Power User Challenge: Unbend an Imported Wire - YouTube



Disclaimer: I would use my judgment to pick "the best" solution. It will be probably subjective, so you should provide as many details as possible about the advantages of your solution.


Make your case.


We will accept your entries until Friday, the 19th of May, 2017, at noon.