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Who is happy with PDM standard?

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by Gordon Rigg

Hey folks! I want to hear from anybody that is managing their data with PDM standard.

Particularly anyone who is happy with its functionality.

Particularly if they previously used Workgroup PDM


My impressions are as follows:


Getting PDM standard up and running was a fight with my VAR - to install a product included in my solidworks Pro package. Before they would part with the necessary license numbers I was forced to sign an agreement waving my rights to any support related to the installation because I chose to do an ill advised self installation.

(Not something I regard as fair and reasonable, and I don't regard it as worth the paper it written on - we will see about that in the future).

(Actually installing it wasn't that difficult, we have some internal SQL database expertise anyway.)


Getting any sort of reasonable working system with regards workflow is difficult, and in several ways a case of working round the restrictions Solidworks have put in place to "add value" to PDM professional.


In many ways the crippled nature of PDM standard makes for a complex and work intensive operation for the user. When you compare what the user must do in normal operation compared to WPDM it is looking really really bad. Lets make a clear statement - PDM standard will cost time (and money) compared to running WPDM.

It is better in some small ways, but you are going to spend ages checking your stuff in and out, updating links manually, changing work states that can have no meaning outside the PDM standard bubble, and wishing there was some sort of limited API functionality like you used to have in WPDM.


This now makes clear why there is a push to prevent users doing a self install to check out the functionality. Imagine if I had spent a lot of money getting this installed and my data transferred - I would be stuck trying to operate this data management system - and the result would be an offer of spending even more to buy PDM professional to unlock some of the functionality I had before for free in WPDM.


Surely Solidworks cannot be serious about PDM standard....there must be something better coming surely? They must realize what a mistake this is?

Have they no idea how many customers they are going to lose?


Please can people with a positive experience of PDM standard post here!