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    David Edwards
      I'm trying to edit the calloutformat.txt file and I'm a little confused. There are two files. One is calloutformat.txt and the other calloutformat_2.txt. calloutformat.txt states at the top "NO-NUMBER-OF-INSTANCES" while the other doesn't have this stated. Are both of these files used based on the number of holes used in the HW? I see no num_inst to call out the number of instances in either file.

      What I want to do is format the hole callouts so that I get something similar with the (X num_inst) at the end of the callout. I'm not really sure what I need to change in the strings to move the num_inst to the end. It almost seems to be embedded within another command.

      Ø.250 THRU (X4)

      EDIT: fixed num_inst as stated below
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          Eddie Cyganik


          The active file is calloutformat.txt, while calloutformat_2.txt is inactive. By default, SW looks in the Drive:\Program Files\SW-LoadPtDir\lang\english directory, although, you can edit, relocate and point to this file via "File Locations".
          CAUTION: Once this file is edited, it must be pointed to and/or distributed to all who use SW fro proper interpretation.

          The file that states "NO-NUMBER-OF-INSTANCES", will not input the number of times symbol (or "X") with the total count.
          The sad news is I do not know what syntax identifies or denotes the "number of times".

          One final note:
          If you choose to use the "Number of Times Designator" then per ASME it is to be place first, as in:
          4X Ø .500±.015 THRU

          In your example, the use of parenthesis denotes "reference" and the information is backwards, so the interpretation of "X" would be "By", as in 2x4.

          I'm just talking industry standards here, but they do exist for a reason; common & consistent interpretation.
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            David Edwards
            Thanks Eddie. I'm in the process of trying to get drawing standards in place and this is one area that I think we are going to have to change how we are currently doing things. I'm still a bit perplexed as to why I am getting num_inst in my hole callouts if calloutformat.txt is the active file and it states that it contains no number of instances. C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\lang\english is my Hole Callout Format File in the Tools/Options/File Locations

            EDIT: I just realized that everywhere that I put num_inst in my first post was removed because I enclosed it in greater-than and less-than signs....i'm sure that made the first post a pain to read