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    Can't get Visualize 2017 serial number

    Wojciech Paterski

      Can anyone help me with getting serila number for Visualize 2017??

      This is what I get in my products:

      I've tried so many time adding new product but it wasn't adding anything else anyway, I've tried with full home user license (24 digits) of SW premium - didn't get anything apart from SW as per image, there's nothing shown on the network versions either - and those are premium and standard licenses on our work server.


      Anyone any suggestions?

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          Derek Parks

          I had to call my VAR and they gave me my serial number.

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            Brian Hillner

            Good suggestion to contact your VAR; always the fastest approach.


            Wojciech, to confirm, are you on active Subscription with your SW CAD products? And are you clicking the 'Register My Products' link of your SW Customer Portal to properly register your SW CAD serial number?


            Try following these steps:

            Here’s how to enjoy Your Free SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard 2017!! – Boxer's SOLIDWORKS Blog


            If yes to both my questions above, then calling your VAR would be the only other option I can think of.

            We've already mapped all eligible global users' SW CAD serial numbers with their matching complimentary Visualize Standard serial number.

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                Wojciech Paterski

                yes we are on active subscription as per the image shown. I did call our VAR a while ago when I had a go at registering product in my portal etc. and what they said was that, because we have server floating licences apparently we would have to upgrade our licence server to 2017 version - which I don't have option to do that and our admin will only upgrade together with SW uprgade - not sure when that would happen.


                But I might try again with our VAR - it's not anything major, just wanted to install it and have a look.


                ps> Brian, the problem is that even if a follow all instructions to add product I do not get the option 'with visualize'

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                    Adam Hartles


                    If you want to keep using SolidWorks 2016 and therefore Visualize 2016 then the serial key you enter when Visualize 2016 starts is the same key as your SNL serial key- it acts like a standalone license which can be activated the same number of times as how many seats on your SNL. It does however use the licensing method from the product Visualize took over- Bunkspeed, so if you have licensing issues your VAR has to escalate to SolidWorks for their help.


                    With 2017 you get the benefit of networked licenses and the floating mechanism and can use Visualize 2017 with SW 2016. This is what I would do. Upgrade the license manager to 2017 only and reactivate (a 15 min job), but keep SolidWorks on 2016

                    Install only Visualize 2017 and it will take on the floating license to the server.

                    When you are ready upgrade SW to 2017.

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                  Deepak Gupta

                  I think due to the Standard license, you're not seeing the "with SOLIDWORKS Visualize" option and hence not able to get the serial number. So best would be to work with your VAR and get the serial number with their help.