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How to link a Drawing Note with a Part in a BOM?

Question asked by Alex Lichon on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by Glenn Schroeder

In our assemblies we have parts that are sometimes supplied by another vendor in the BOM or parts that are just being referenced in the BOM. We show that they are being supplied and/or referenced by an asterisks (*) in the BOM near the Item number. However, this has lend to some confusion when the BOM is deleted or the part numbers are re-ordered in the BOM. To fix this we are adding a new column to the BOM for the asterisks. But we ran into a issue when if the BOM is deleted (for whatever reason) then the asterisks will disappear since they are inserted manually into the column. Here in lies the question: how to add a note in the drawing level and have it linked with a part that is then linked in the BOM?


We don't want to add the note at the part level since this is not the case (supplied part and/or reference) in each assembly the part is inserted. Essentially we want to add a note to a part at the drawing level and then have that note (the asterisks) automatically linked with the column in the BOM. 

The red asterisks are just Text Box added over the BOM near the Item number. The arrow points to the asterisks manually typed into a column added to the BOM. As described above, we would like to have the asterisks automatically populate that column.