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    Running Workgroup PDM and PDM standard at the same time

    Gordon Rigg

      PDM standard is pestering me to put the toolbox in the vault.

      My WGPDM is working with the toolbox on my network outside the vault.


      I understand that people are run both PDM standard and WGPDM at the same time?

      If I put a copy of my configured toolbox in PDM standard vault, what happens when I open a WPPDM controlled assembly that contains toolbox parts?

      can it actually pull the toolbox parts from my PDM standard directory, where the toolbox location is set?

      The same question applies to my standard parts libraries...

        • Re: Running Workgroup PDM and PDM standard at the same time
          Steve Ostrovsky

          That's an interesting question. I think Toolbox will be OK since it doesn't look for the path on it for check in. It's looking for the hidden IsFastener property value.


          For the Design Library, PDMWorks has a Standard Library tab where you define the path to that library. The problem is that the path is what the PDMWorks server sees, not the end user. So if your Design Library is now on your C:\VaultName\Design Library path, then the PDMWorks server needs to be able to see that same path. You could install the Vault View on the server, but then you might have to keep the local cache update all the time - that would be a headache.


          Anyone else see a problem with this? I've never tried to manage a DL in both vaults at the same time.