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    PDM standard major and minor revisions?

    Gordon Rigg

      I have created workflow with major and minor revisions.

      So I start at A-01. If the change means that the parts are still interchangeable then I can go to A-02 and our guys can just order the new issue next time they buy.

      If the parts are no longer interchangeable, or the existing parts need to be scrapped off, I go to B-01 and this triggers our guys to ask what to do with the existing stock, and what the the implications are. We are not such a big operation that we need any more of a system than that.


      Maybe there is a way to handle this with one transition that is conditional and asks for a setting or something?

      However if it has to be done like this, I cant figure out how to make the minor revision revert to initial state 01 when I increment the major revision letter change.

      So taking the left hand route, for major revision B-06 would become C-01 (but I can only so far make it go to C-06).

      The right hand route is easy, making B-06 become B-07 with the letter part unchanged.


      Also I don't want anyone to leave a file in the temporary twin "update revision" states, but with PDM standard that seems to be the only way to do it. It would be great if I could make a warning pop up instructing the user to progress immediately through those to the Quotation state.




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          Prasad Bhonsule

          HI Gordon, where are you specifying your increment and reset for the revision counters? In the destination state? Or in the transition? With major and minor revisions you have to set increment and rests in the transitions as well.

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              Gordon Rigg

              PDM standard can only increment revision in the transition.

              The problem could be that PDM standard cannot reset a revision counter in the transition.

              I'm wondering if in fact what I'm trying to do is impossible and one of a growing list of PDM standard restrictions, and function lack compared to workgroup.

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                  Gordon Rigg

                  I got this working now.

                  It seems the next revision and reset revision have to be setup on the destination state as well as the transition - though they have no effect in the destination state. I'm not sure why this has to be reproduced twice to achieve one outcome. Perhaps I will find time to look into that further.


                  I'm not happy that i have to setup a choice of state changes to get minor and major revision to work (std functionality in WPDM).


                  I'm interested in any neater solutions to that, before I fill my vault with data that will then make any changes to the workflow rather more difficult (or, perhaps impossible).

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                      Wayne Marshall

                      Hi Gordon,


                      In the State you define the Revision Counter (and components) that can be incremented and you set the default behavior. In the transition you typically ONLY need to use an 'Inc Revision' action with a 'Set Variable 'action (if you are showing Revision on the File card). The fact that you CAN override the increment in a transition allows for the same destination State to have different Revision increments based on the way the file enters that state (e.g a file coming from a 'minor edit' state could inc the secondary counter and leave the primary unchanged (A-00, A-01, A-02), or a file coming from a 'major edit' state could Inc the primary Counter and RESET the secondary counter back to zero (A-01, B-00). Unfortunately you will still need two source States to control this though, since with PDM Standard as it isn't possible to have two transitions between the two same States (with different behaviors)


                      Kind regards



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                        Conrad Fisher

                        Gordon Rigg - would you mind fleshing out your description of your working configuration a little further?  We have a similar setup to yours (major and minor states feed into a single destination state) and I'm getting a little confused with what you're saying about "next revision" and "reset revision" having to be set up on the destination state in PDM Standard.  In other words - what you defined as the Quotation State has both an Increment and Reset value set?  The terminology seems to be getting mixed...as "next revision" is used within the Set Variable Action...


                        Hopefully I'm overthinking all this...and it turns out much more simple than I'm seeing it at the moment.