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Simulation's results problem

Question asked by Florian Louis on May 12, 2017

Good Morning,

I've been working with flowsimulation for some weeks now in order to make a simulation of air suctions through pipes. Thanks to some help on this forum, I'm now able to do that but the results are a bit strange and they don't correspond to what we can find in the the theory. (I'm supposed to obtain concentric spheres for each speed).


My parameters :

- a simple pipe (diameter : 100mm, length : 250 mm)

- fluid : air

- boundary condition : outlet speed : 20 m/s

- external analysis

- 20°C, 1 bar.

NB : The following results are obtained making a "zoom" (= reduce the scale from "0 to 20 m/s" to "0 to 2 m/s" to visualize large areas around the tube). Do you know the solution of this problem ? I'm probably doing something wrong, and I still don't know what is the limit of Flow simulation in terms of accuracy...


Thank you in advance.Plan - Bouche ouverte.PNG