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Activate a sub-assembly or part within an assembly without having to open it

Question asked by Daniel Martínez on May 12, 2017
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Hello all,


So this is what I am trying to accomplish. I want to create a macro that will go through each component in an assembly including sub-assemblies, and sub-assemblies within sub-assemblies and so on, so once in each part, a code will run and get information about the sheet metal properties and export that information to an excel spreadsheet!


I've got the code to work by piecing out some macros and add some of my own code, but what is doing is, it's going into every component and opening it, activating it, and tuning the code then closing it! So for small assemblies it works, but when I get to more comple assemblies it will crash before it finishes the macro because the resources get depleated by opening so many parts!


Is is there any way that I could activate the components that is working on and run the code without having to open it? The way I had it structured before it wasn't opening the components but every component was labeled with the same part number and same description because it was only gettin that info from the main sub assembly, and for some reason when I run it wit sub-assemblies in the main assembly, sometimes it gives me blank lines on the spreadsheet!


I know I just wrote a lot of stuff and I think I got my self confused with what I wrote down, but hopefully someone will understand what I'm trying to achieve and will be able to help!


Thanks in advance for your help!