Marco Vedovato

Trouble opening Autocad files

Discussion created by Marco Vedovato on Dec 17, 2008
Hi, i've some HP workstation (xw series) that run the same version of software (Autocad 2004LT, Microsoft Office 2003 standard suite and Solid Works).
Recently i've upgrade to SolidWorks 2008, (from 2007 SP5 version to SW2008 SP4.0 with clean install) from administrative image.
Immediatly on two or three pc have problems with printers (only with HP network printers), i resolved by reinstalling the printers drivers.

After one week of use, having trouble opening AutoCAD files through Windows Explorer, and the problem seems to have come up after installing SW 2008.

If open a drawing from the AutoCAD interface, then the drawings open up immediately without problem.
If try to browse to the folder that a drawing is saved in and then open it from there, it takes several minutes to open the file.

Whether AutoCAD is already open or not makes no difference at all, and we show no problems with anything on the network/server side of things.

Does anybody know whether this is a true issue caused by SW 2008, or do you know of any other particular reason why this would be happening? We upgraded to SW 2008 about a month ago and things have been slow since then.

Thanks for help