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    Lines does not appear in the drawing

    Deepak Gupta
      Can you put on some files or screen shot to look at.
        • Lines does not appear in the drawing
          Deepak Gupta
          Also are they tangent lines which are not coming up...
          • Lines does not appear in the drawing
            David Edwards
            Can you post back with system specs, SW version and video card info? That can help us determine if it is a software or hardware issue.
            • Lines does not appear in the drawing
              We have seen this problem since SW 2003 and evidently SW does not think there is a problem with their rendering. We are mostly doing complex sufaces on bottles and that seems to contribute to the problem. SW has a tough time deciding what edges to show and what to hide when you have projections of complex curvature and faces. Isometric views are most prone to this behavior.

              It even goes as far as sometimes edges are shown, but you cannot select them with the mouse (to get a measurement). You can click on it all you want, but it will not select. It also (for some reason) matters where on the edge you click. Some edges seem to only have a very small active region that will allow you select them, even though the visible edge is much larger.

              A work around we have found is to create a parametric sketch in the part that outlines the geometry, then convert entities in the drawing view. You will at least have parametric edges that will always show. If you are working in a ISO view, you have to draw the edges in (screwed).
              • Lines does not appear in the drawing
                Eddie Cyganik

                You really need to supply more information to give the users a chance at providing you an answer.

                For instances:

                => What Version and Service Pack of SolidWorks are you running?
                There could be known issues associated with a version or SP.

                => What are you running SolidWorks on?
                Once again, there could be existing issues with Video Card and/or driver.

                => What type of drawing view?
                ==> Is it of a single component?
                ===> Is the component complex?
                ===> Were any features created in-context?
                => Are you referring to an assembly drawing?
                Very complex detail drawings can exhibit display issues that can sometimes be corrected by adjusting the Image Quality - "Wireframe and high quality HLR/HLV resolution".
                In the case of problematic display of assembly drawings, there are known issues with part interferences.

                Providing detail is your best chance of finding resolution.