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    How do I make PNG's true transparent?

    Chris Cunningham

      I am having a hard time getting PNG's to become transparent on clear areas. This is in accurate mode. Any thoughts? The transparent areas end up rendering as darker areas with white speckles.


      png example.JPG

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          Dexter Stoltz

          I was trying to do the same thing yesterday...multiple .png's with transparent backgrounds on the same part (an interactive button).


          The artwork came from Illustrator, so I tried increasing the resolution to 600ppi and even re-saving in Photoshop to no success.


          Ultimately, I had to fire up Maxwell to get it done, but will circle back and let you know if I make any progress because I really want to use visualize more.

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            Ron Bates

            Hi Chris,


            I tried a quick test here and I'm not seeing the same general issue.  I created a basic transparent background, decal image, in photoshop and I don't see artifacts behind the transparent area as you've shown.  I tried both Fast and Accurate.


            • Would it be possible to share one of the decal images for us to try out here? (You can PM me if you like)
            • Also, it could have something odd to do with the underlying appearance...perhaps you can share that too?
            • What version of Visualize are you using and do you see the same thing in Fast and Accurate modes?



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              Dexter Stoltz

              Hey Chris,


              I took some time to try some different options to see if I could improve the alpha ghosting. It looks like the substrate material affects the label. However, I did find that exporting as a TIF gave better results.


              In this image, the big power icon is a PNG, the small TIF, and the white is a PSD (didn't acknowledge transparency at all) - over a "Soft Touch Black" material:



              In this image the material was changed to "Smooth Black":



              I'll continue to try to improve my workflow, but I'm wondering if the normal map causes interference with the alpha?