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Can you include the assembly drawing number in a bom

Question asked by Shane Pickup on May 11, 2017

We are trying to import a bom directly from solidworks into Opera 3 (stock/purchasing/accounts program) without modifying it in Excel first.  When we import the bom into Opera 3 via excel we have to have the information set out correctly in Excel for Opera 3 to read it correctly.


This is how we have to enter it in to Excel:

Assembly noPart noQuantity


We don't want to assign the assembly number to each part (property) as the parts may be in other assemblies and we don't want to enter it in manually.  Is there any way we can create a new column, call it assembly no, and then get it to read the assembly number in the title bar of the drawing for each part listed or something very similar.


I hope you you can help me but please bear with me as I newbie.