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    strange bom behavior

    Mike Childers

      This is the part number in my part's properties: M25988/1-044

      It displays in the bom, however, as: 1021417"



      Any ideas?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Mike, it would be hard to guess without looking at the files but check the configuration properties for that part at both places (pics below) and make sure it is not set to different value or have a duplicate value in Configuration properties (under file > properties)


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              Sachin Murigesh

              Most probably there is duplicate properties by name "PIN' and "DashNo" in configuration specific properties.

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                  Mike Childers

                  No, it's nothing like that.  If I change the value of PIN slightly (add a space somewhere or an extra number) I'll get a completely different crazy number in the BOM.  No duplicates in properties.  I think it's a bug, but would be nice if someone could duplicate it.  I'm using SW 2014.  There's something about the backslash and dash that SW goes whacko about.  I was just wondering if I had stumbled on some formatting tricks that I just didn't understand.  I gave the formula of what I'm doing above.  Would be nice if someone could try concantenating two variables like I did, and put in the same value and see if it does it for them.  This is not just limited to one file.  Any bom that has that milspec number (or one like it) confuses SW for some reason.



                  By playing around with different combinations, I found one that displays correctly, but still doesn't make any sense to me.  Just thought it was some undocumented formatting trick or something, that made SW think it was a date, or equation or something I didn't understand.



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                John Stoltzfus

                Check your Component Property Dialog Box -


                Check the Custom Tab and the Configurations Specific Tab, there could be a chance that there the same Custom Property has different values, and check the Drawing Custom Property Tab as well..