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Cannot get Solidworks license over vpn.

Question asked by Abraham Seruwagi on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2020 by Mike Hallack


I have a user who can no longer access our solidworks server to get a license. A few days ago he got an error message that said "Could not get information from the server". We restarted his machine and the server but he still got the same message. We have Solidworks Standard and Professional licenses available.

I have checked the port is open 25734, The firewall is disabled on this server and other internal users can access the licenses.

He is not on our network and uses vpn to connect to the network. Once connected he can access the share we have on the server but cannot get solidworks to work.

He now gets the message below.


Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS Standard  Server node is down or not responding (-96,491,0)


Thanks Abraham