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Best way to extrude cut a skewed hole in plate from pipe cutting thru it on angle?

Question asked by Dave Krum on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Dave Krum

Hello.  I have a pipe that is going thru a 1-1/2" thick plate.  I would normally use "intersection curve" and then use that sketch to create a cut going thru the plate if the pipe was going thru it at 90 degrees but when it is going thru at an angle other than 90, what is the best method to accomplish the cut in the plate?  I didn't save my sample part file but I still have the snips below showing this (ignore note on 2nd snip about tangential beveling).  I basically used "subtract" and then "delete body" for the inner part that remains (to only keep the plate with the cutout which matches the o.d. of the pipe).  Is there a better way to detail the beveled hole in plate?  I need to show these on drawings for our cnc burning operator to check his holes on skew.  We have a burning machine that can bevel.  Thanks in advance.


Forgot to mention that I guess I can also create a plane perpendicular to pipe axis, and then extrude cut thru the plate on the angle which is probably easier than going thru the combine/subtract then delete entities to create hole.  Just thought of that now.