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How to copy title block to another sheet format?

Question asked by David Shealey on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Jody Holm

I already have grey hair, so now pulling out what is left.

We started out with only one sheet format, B size.  Now for larger assemblies we need a D size.

I have read every relative post here, and many others on the internet, but still cannot derive a solution.  I have tried many things, closest was to boundary select the title block and copy it, then paste it into a D size sheet format from which I had removed the standard title block.  Problem there is that there seems to be no way to move it to a correct position.  I tried making it a block, positioning it, then exploding the block, but references were lost in the process.  We also have another table for internal use that is placed near the title block outside the sheet "paper" area, which I was selecting along with the title block.


Basically, coming from decades of modeling on other systems, I am absolutely shocked at how difficult this task seems to be in SW!  What would have been minutes in the other two systems I have used (still using one), has been two days of research, trial and error, and still no properly working title block for the D size sheet.


Another thing I tried was to save my B sheet format to another name, and bring in the border with zones from a standard D format, but I cannot figure out how to change the paper size in the saved B size format in order to past in the border information.


There has to be something I am missing.


How do I get a second larger size  sheet format using the title block from another?