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Part vs Configuration 8020

Question asked by Zach Weicken on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by Chase Nichole

Hey Guys,


So I've been using 80/20 quite a bit lately, I have the whole 80/20 part library in my Solidworks design library and it works really well. However when I use extrusions and since they vary in length I always make it a new part for each length I'm using in the specific project at the time and save it in my project directory. I was wondering what the pros/cons of using configuration (i.g. saving one extrusion profile and having different lengths in the configurations)? Also, I name all my part like 1515-UL-10 (1515-UL being the extrusion and -10 being the length that varies) would there be a less tedious way to streamline this process when making or changing the part lengths.