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Drawing Rev. table in solidworks 2009 .problem with PDM REV

Question asked by Mike Adam on Dec 16, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2011 by Samuel Polk
Hello guys

I want the latest revision number to appear in the revision table automatically once he inserts Revision table

in solidworks drawing file. and also once I increase the revision in PDM Enterprise I want the revision number to be updated automatically inside the revision table in the drawing file.

so is there any way to :

1- let SolidWorks to insert the latest revision in the revision table once we Add revision table to drawing file ?

2- let SolidWorks automatically change the revision number which is inside the revision table every time the revision of the file changes in PDM?

3- let SolidWorks automatically inserts the information from "Comment" which we write whenever we change status of the file inside description column in the revision table?

And if I wasn't able to describe the problem exactly, this attached picture shows the problem we have between PDM and SolidWorks