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SolidWorks Students & Robots  - Somewhere to learn, play and hone your craft ?

Question asked by John Henderson on May 9, 2017

Hello There,

If you are interested in learning about the new collaborative robots and how to design around them.

You might find  Design Pool interesting ?  It's all free for you guys.


Design Pool.JPGThe barrier gang Part 17.JPG

The juxtaposed disabled and robots will make more sense if you check out the site.

This is just a shower curtain of an idea right now (portal reference) but the robots are coming, they are
significantly less productive without workstations, and there are are significant advantages to workstations

that are able to accommodate veterans or disabled people.

The kind of challenges/opportunities you Designers will see in the years to come.   


If you go to site and see something stupid, or some reason why you can't see people helping out
Please let us know below. We do love constructive criticism.


Portal fan ? Tell us our portal references are off base ?


Blister Case.JPG


Take a dip maybe ?   It's all just new like the collaborative robots, but in time it will grow

I'm working with some Corporate "good guys" to come up with some design challenges

that could offer some prize rewards.


I hope the first design challenge will be an accessory to make this device (or any material handler)




Maybe bookmark this post and check back in a time for more details ?

If you have any ideas for a good challenge, please reply below, and get in on the conversation.


Thanks for your time.


Please note that none of this is limited in any way to just the disabled.  The focus is robotics and industrial processing and filling stations.

The Robots are coming !