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    Road Accident in COSMOSworks

    vineet kumar sharma
      Hi all
      We design Coaches structure and I've to analyse its strength during differetnt type of road accident.
      Upto I know "Drop test" is suitable for that but I dont have COSMOSWorks Proffesional.
      So for the time being (before upgradation) I get the required force (by which it hit the any other object) by Newton's second Law of motion (F=ma) assuming final velocity zero and giving and restrained bottom of the vehical.
      Is anyone know better methode rather upgradation.

        • Road Accident in COSMOSworks
          Loic Ancian
          with cosmos designer, Loads are applied slowly and gradually
          Rapidly-applied loads would cause additional displacements, strains, and stresses.
          mass is not taken into account neither...

          usually for crash analysis, material become plastic in some places and absorb energy, you cannot see that with cosmos designer...