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Lofted Boss/Base with constraints

Question asked by Urs Senn on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Urs Senn

Hi all,


I am not super experienced in SolidWorks, but so far I got everything drawn. But now I'm really struggling with the Loft function. I want to connect two mounts with a manifold. One side is a simple ring the other is a rectangle. Now this rectangle mount is actually 3d, the short sides are triangles towards the center from the top view. I was not able to make a 3d sketch for that mount and then use the loft function. My workaround was that I simply gonna apply the loft function to the 2d rectangle and then use a cut function to remove that triangle part i mentioned before. Now the loft function creates walls that are bent to the inside of the manifold. But I need to have the walls straight or even bent to the outside, so when I apply the cut, the walls are not cut away. I tried using multiple guide curves, but this didn't work.

I attached my drawing, It's sketch 41 that should work as a constraint for the walls. Is that possible or how could I solve this issue?


Thank you for any help.