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Insert bends feature not working in 2017 SP3

Question asked by Dawn Phillips on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by Jim Steinmeyer

I installed 2017 SP3 and immediately had to uninstall it and reinstall 2015 SP5 due to the "Insert Bends" feature not working. We use customer models (step files) a lot. We import them into Solidworks and apply our bend parameters. A very common problem is adjacent flanges with no gap between them. As you can see from the screen shot below, Solidworks brings the part in as surfaces.


We purchased a seat of Creo/Pro-E to be able to correct this issue. Creo allows the flanges to touch. We use flexible modeling in Creo to move the faces to create a gap, save and import into Solidworks. We usually delete the bend radii completely and bring into SW with square corners. We then use the "Insert Bends" feature because this allows us to manipulate the blank size by adjusting the K-factor. In 2015 SP3, the "Convert to Sheetmetal" would not allow the manipulation of blank size with the K-factor. Any changes to the K-factor does not affect the blank size at all in the "Convert to Sheetmetal" feature.


We updated to 2017 SP3 and the "Insert Bends" feature would not work. The "Convert to Sheetmetal" feature would work AND allow blank adjustment via the K-factor. However, the extrusion features were removed as soon as I converted to sheetmetal and the feature became a thru hole. So, a "no go" for us. Our parts have LOTS of extrusions and adding these back would be very time consuming. Here is a screen shot of an extrusion in our part:


I contacted my re seller and he has issued an SR or something.


Does anyone else use the "Insert Bends" feature and have you noticed that it no longer works correctly in 2017? I get an error saying "This body is already part of a sheet metal feature"... or something like that.


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