Alex Rich

Bug: dynamic reference visualization steals focus when renaming new features

Discussion created by Alex Rich on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

Parent/Child reference visualization is really cool, but it has been driving me crazy lately because it takes focus when I am trying to rename selected features.  It only happens when a feature is already selected (which happens after you first create a feature, or if you click a physical feature in your CAD viewport), then you go to click on the feature name in the feature tree in order to rename it.  The text will be highlighted for a second indicating you can rename it, but then the reference visualization pops up and steals focus away.  You actually have to click the feature a third time to rename it, which throws me every time.  I typically start typing and my shortcut keys wind up doing all sorts of random stuff.


To recreate this turn on dynamic ref visualization by right clicking your feature tree and clicking either of the two buttons.  I have both active.


Next go into the feature tree and create a new feature.  Next click on the feature name in the feature tree as if you were going to rename it.   Text should get highlighted for a split second, then when you start to type the reference visualization will steal focus while you are typing.


The second way to reproduce the bug is to click on the physical feature in the veiwport first so that it is selected, then move your mouse to the feature name and try to rename it.  Same bug occurs.


The fix for this bug would be fairly straightforward, always show the reference visualization if a feature is selected.  If the visualization is already shown, it doesn't interfere with rename behavior.


*Sorry about posting a bug here, but the official SPR system is annoying to use and I feel like it hides the bug from the community.