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How do I change Smarteam so it is associated with the correct SW version?

Question asked by Mats Lindqvist on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Mats Lindqvist

I have two versions of Solidworks installed, 2013 and 2016. Our company uses 2013, but for specific reasons, I also want to be able to use 2016.


Now as it happens, I installed 2016 after 2013. As a result, Smarteam is now automatically associated with the more recently installed version SW 2016.


This is not what I want. I want to configure Smarteam so that it is associated  with 2013 that everyone else uses, just as it was before I installed 2016.


How do I change this?


Thanks in advance...

/Mats Lindqvist