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    How do I change Smarteam so it is associated with the correct SW version?

    Mats Lindqvist

      I have two versions of Solidworks installed, 2013 and 2016. Our company uses 2013, but for specific reasons, I also want to be able to use 2016.


      Now as it happens, I installed 2016 after 2013. As a result, Smarteam is now automatically associated with the more recently installed version SW 2016.


      This is not what I want. I want to configure Smarteam so that it is associated  with 2013 that everyone else uses, just as it was before I installed 2016.


      How do I change this?


      Thanks in advance...

      /Mats Lindqvist

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          Steve Calvert

          You're not going to find very many ST users here Mats. 


          A file association is a file association...  If I understand you correctly, you want to work in both SW versions but only use ST when SW2013.  I'd be very careful if you're not using two different "work" directories as you may overwrite a SW2013 file with a SW2016 file and get it back into the vault.


          My suggestion would be to turn off the ST integration when working in SW2016 and use a completely different "work" directory for those files as well.


          I understand the need to stay on SW2013 because the version of ST you have isn't compatible with SW2016.  We're on SW2015 (as we jumped from SW2010) after the latest ST update 2 years ago.  We are also actively looking to move away form ST.


          Steve C