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Maintain references with fully shattered composer files

Question asked by Willy Wonka on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by Dirk Rautenberg

I'm using composer project files (.smgproj) to create a bunch of animations. Many of the animations need to share the same SolidWorks files so by saving the SolidWorks model as a product file (.smgXml) in Composer, any change that is made to that SolidWorks file can be updated in one place (the composer product file) and that automatically updates all Composer project files that reference that product/model. Alternatively, if there was a change to the SolidWorks model, we would have to open each composer animation that references that model in order to update it.


Unfortunately many of the product files were originally created and saved in one location in our vault and now we would like to move them to a new folder in the vault. Doing a cut and paste of the product files causes the project to open without the geometry of the product file as it no longer knows the correct file location. Short of using some kind of batch xml “find and replace” program on all of the project files to update the locations of the product files they reference, is there a way to move the product files to a new location in the vault and have the project files update so that the geometry shows up? Thanks!


Does anyone know of a good program to automate this batch find and replace of multiple xml files? Preferably free as Dassault is already bleeding us dry.