Chris Gallion

Excel BOM not formatting in SW2009 sp1

Discussion created by Chris Gallion on Dec 15, 2008
Hello, Ok here is what I have because the company I work before does things alittle differnet the SW BOM table is not what we need, the EXCEL table would be the answer. However i have a few problems formatting the file & haveing the SW view macth the EXCEL sheet.

Below I have attached an image of what each looks like, if need be a can attach the files. I want the table is SW to look like the EXCEL file.

My boss also wants to take out as much manual editing as possible. Therefore I also need to combine like part numbers (ideally as close to center as possible), (I saw that this was possible in the SW 2007 BibleI have the 09 on order) the Qty per ASSY line and the total line. The Qty per Assy would be the total qty of that part number for the assy. The total would be the over all total needed to finish the job. (i.e if we had 2 fixtures to make than the total for that part is 8)
The finish would have to be typed in for all of the differnet finished we use.