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    Autodesk fusion vs Solidworks


      Any direct comparisons out there

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          John Frahm

          Just do a Google search to see what comparisons you can find. Remember, everyone has a bias. Fusion appears pretty cheap to try out.

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            J. Mather

            Autodesk Inventor is the Autodesk product equivalent of SolidWorks, not Fusion 360.

            Fusion 360 is still in infancy.

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              Brian McEwen

              One thing that weirds me out about Fusion 360 is the way they organize files. I can't fully explain it because I haven't used it for serious assembly modeling. But lots of components don't have a life of their own, the whole assembly is one file. So it is not easy to separate a component and use it in a new assembly. If it is in a different "Project" then even more difficult.  F360 seems like it would be fine for a company that makes one-off items. But if you have a lot of reuse of sub assemblies and parts then I think it would fail. They keep changing it though, so perhaps they have addressed this more. I think sheetmetal tools were recently added.


              The thing I have used it for the most is FEA Simulation. I import SolidWorks assemblies (works great, just Pack and Go your assembly to a temp folder to get it all in one place, select everything for upload). Having access to multi-body FEA that way has been nice. I do little modelling tweaks within Fusion.