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work flow between work and home

Question asked by Jim Stieben on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by Wojciech Paterski

I have a curious about how others handle workflow between their work and home offices. I have a personal SW2017 License I utilize from a mobile workstation at the home office and the company SW2017 seat from my new Boxx Workstation at the company office. For the majority of the past 2 years I was strictly utilizing my mobile for 99% of my workflow and always had everything with me at all times. Now that I have a Workstation in the office I am curious how other handle working from two locations. Do you VPN into the office, DropBox or the like or some other method? I am currently working on several large assemblies that have in excess of 1700-2000 individual part files which are currently located on my laptop. What are the best methods? Currently I am the only SW user in the office as the other 5 individuals are using AutoCad. I will be the only person utilizing these files so I am not worried about other users at this time.