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Ignore Interference

Question asked by Liang Sun on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by Kowshik Islam Eit Cswp



I am using the Solidworks 2014 APIs for VB.NET.

In the GUI, there is an option in the "Interference detection" tool that is to ignore a selected interference.

In the API, there is also a member of the "Interference" class that is "ignore".

However, it seems to me that this doesn't work.


Also i find that in the 2014 documentation, in the "Run interference detection example" (see 2014 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Run Interference Detection Example (VB.NET) ), there are some codes about ignoring the interference,


       ' Run interference detection
        vInts = pIntMgr.GetInterferences
"# of interferences in 1st run: " & pIntMgr.GetInterferenceCount)

' Ignore an interference
        vInts(0).Ignore = True

        ' Run interference detection again (should detect one less interference)
        vInts = pIntMgr.GetInterferences
"# of interferences after one is ignored: " & pIntMgr.GetInterferenceCount)


I make a test using the specified example and the above code. But it doesn't work. Then i look at the same example in the 2015,2016 and 2017 documents, the above code about ignoring the interference is deleted.


Does anyone have any idea of how to ignore an interference using the API?