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Discontinuous Equation-driven curve function

Question asked by John Scattiglio on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by Steven Barry

Hello, I'm trying to create a wave function with decreasing frequency/periodicity. My math skills are rusty but I've had plenty of calc based trig in college(ehh hmmm20yrs ago..). I'm trying the equation-driven curves to accomplish this. The function I've created to suit my project's dimensions is : y(x) = .15*sin(x^(1+x/100)*pi/3)+.33


This works fine for domain x {0,30} but fails when x spans from negative to positive values. So I tried:


y(x) = .15*sin(abs(x)^(1+abs(x)/100)*pi/3)+.33


This tells me the curve cannot be generated because it is discontinuous. Essentially it says y=abs(x) is discontinuous. Any math people out there who can advise? Thank you.