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bend table

Discussion created by Chris Bennett on Dec 15, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by John Stoltzfus
what number am i supposed to put left to right at the top of the chart in my k-factor bend table?

the default heading says radius/thickness and the error i recieve says that and a ratio between the two

so im thinking if the part has a thickness of .03 and the inside bend radius is .03 then as the heading i would put in "1" right?

but then when i make the 90 degree sheetmetal part with that same thickness and radius as previously described i get the error, BUT i can get .25 thickness and .125 radius to work just fine when i go to unbend

because the .125/.25 sheet metal was the first thing i did and was successful i built a huge gauge table off of that knowledge and now that is the only thickness that works at all so im lost and cannot figure out a pattern, has anyone set theirs up and can maybe post their spreadsheet, i wont use it without testing it in our shop but i would just love to see what the numbers are that you put in there, and also your gauge table would be nice because that drives the bend table anyways

it seems as i search the forum for this problem everyone gets told how to make a gauge table even though they ask about a bend table or they all get referred to the site and thats the last i hear about that forum, so either they figured it out ok and it works but not for me or they gave up on it as well

thanks everyone!!!!