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Cut List Length Error

Question asked by Rob Edwards on May 9, 2017
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Hi good people


I'm a joiner so I don't need a lot from SW but cutlists they are the thing I need the most but nothing gives me so much trouble.  In all honesty it would be quicker to just print a blank form and fill it in manually, but I need to persevere


I've tried many ways (bounding boxes are unsuitable because they take no account of grain direction, or stock sthickness).  <As Machined> and <As Welded> configurations also cause me problems..


Anyway here's my latest issue.  It's such a simple part with just 5 bodies.



I am using sketch dimensions directly for creating the cut list properties, what could be safer??  Everything looks correct when I examine the cutlist properties (above)

but when I add a BOM in a drawing - I have shown the sketch in the drawing below for comparison, the LENGTH property is wrong.


This part has two main configurations, Inner and Outer.


The problem occurs for just the LENGTH property in both configurations


Well that's bizarre, I just switched configs and I have a new problem (not seen before) SW has combined a body and it's mirror into one item


Anyway back to original problem, the same problem with LENGTH in the other config but the WIDTH property , achieved by the same method works just fine, as does the THICKNESS




That incorrect LENGTH value must be something though, and yes it appears to be the vertical dimension of the body

I have not used a bounding box or a structural member feature, these are just plain extrudes and cuts.


So yes it must be LENGTH is special but same occurs with a new property

Ah lightbulb moment maybe? I renamed my Sketch Dim Length


YES!!  Renaming the sketch Dim to L instead of Length worked


I literally just worked this out mid-post, while trying to describe my problem I solved it.  It's bizarre enough someone else might find it helpful so posting anyway.

I'm gonna have a celebration coffee, cannot count how many hours I wasted I thought I was being a good boy renaming my dims