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    Spline on surface following 2 paths?

    Chris Lamb

      Hello all,


      I've been fighting with a part I'm making for quite a while. I've created a swept loft, on which I'm trying to create a surface spline which follows along the surface but is constrained by points which are moving closer to the edge and also follows the curvature of another spline:


      Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 03.51.12.png

      Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 03.51.52.png


      When I use the spline on surface tool, it doesn't create a spline, I'm unsure why, but it creates 2 separate 3d lines/ arcs on the surface, however, they are not a spline. I need the it splined as it requires to be one tangent part rather than lines just coincident on the surface.


      I need it to follow the trajectory of the other spline, used to guide the curvature of the part, whilst also moving towards the outer edge - the reason for the 3 points it coincides with are so I can alter it's path, then I will look to offset and extrude from the surface.


      I have also attached the file, SW2016, if it helps.

      Thank you in advance, Chris

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          Paul Salvador

          Chris,.. I'm not sure I follow but.. maybe add more points to the curve or extract a face (iso) curve ? (example attached)

          pntsfacecurve 1.png

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              Chris Lamb

              Excellent, thank you Paul. Not exactly what I needed, but put me on the right path.


              Being a newbie, SOLIDWORKS continues to throw curve balls at me. I wasn't aware of how to constrain the curve but by your example and seeing the spline polygons and googling I've managed to find a "spline basic" video on YouTube which shows me what I've been missing (despite my 5 thousand previous searches - difference in the search term makes all the difference and gave me the content I needed!); that I change the view options and by using "control polygon" and "insert spline points" I can achieve what I need.


              Thanks again, this forum really is amazing!

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                  Chris Lamb

                  Hey again, I'm having another issue, Hoping for some help to get around it.


                  Having now used what I learned from your part to edit my own, in the way of 3dSketch3 in the part you uploaded, I'm unsure how I can create a duplicate, offset curve in the same surface. I have tried following guides by creating a split line, ruled surface and extent surface - however, the split line command does not work and I'm unsure if it's because of the shape of the face as it tells me to add a face although I have it selected already.


                  Thanks again, Chris