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Origin-Destination reports in Solidworks Electrical 2015 SWE2015

Question asked by Tyler Werenskjold on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by Evan Stanek

I'm fairly new to Solidworks Electrical 2015, so hopefully this issue is just a lack of understanding on my part, I feel like this should be pretty simple, so here we go:


Background Info:

We are currently using Solidworks Electrical to create line diagrams and cable harness schematics for automated test fixtures.  This basically amounts to connections between a UUT and a variety of test equipment (power supplies, DAQs etc) through various connectors.  So far, I can generate decent enough looking single-line diagrams and schematics mostly using dynamically created connectors.  The problem arises with generating reports.



What I would like to do, and the main reason our team purchased SWE2015 in the first place, is to generate a simple Origin-Destination spreadsheets for each connector.  I would like the report to be broken up by connector, and display the connection(s) that each pin makes. Displaying the mnemonic field would also be advantageous to easily find data/io/power/etc lines by name...but one issue at a time.


  Seems simple enough, ya? 


The Problem:

The Issue, is that none of SWE's built in reports seem to do this with any amount of tweaking that i can manage.  Here is a simple example: 

(in practice, we use many connectors with 100 + pins; I figure 6 is a good starting point.)


And here are my attempts at report generation:


Report_1:   Wire Origin-Destination List

This has all the information I need, but is nonsensically sorted, doesn't show multiple destinations in one cell, and did not break by connector


Report_2: Master Origin-Destination List

This one is closer.  I don't understand the multiple destination columns or why some share a cell when others don't.  Again, the origin points are heinously sorted, and there is no report for the connections looking from the J2 connector.



Now, I have tried adjusting the properties of the reports being generated, but have had no luck.  I feel like the problem must be in my parts, that maybe some information that the reports need to pull either isn't there or is incomplete.  Any Ideas or suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?  I know the reports use SQL commands, which i am not too familiar with.  I'm not opposed to learning them, but want to get a feel for what knowledge is out there first.